I ♥ technology: Best tools to help you meet your heart health goals

After Rebecca Valentine, 47, found out she had high blood pressure, she started monitoring her pressure at home. She invested in a high-tech blood pressure cuff that automatically sends readings to her smartphone. Rebecca can easily share that data with her doctor, who determines whether her medication needs adjustment. “The monitor keeps a record for me and even lets me know how I’m doing,” Rebecca says. “A green light is good. Orange means keep an eye on it; red lets me know to take more medicine or call the doctor.” Read more at Aetna.com.

Q&A: Jay Shapiro, CEO, AppMakr

Jay Shapiro runs a global business out of his Glen Rock home. AppMakr is a do-it-yourself app company with some 60 freelance employees based on six continents, all of whom work together through various online tools. Shapiro is a native of Toronto, and he co-founded his business, which was originally named Infinite Monkeys, prior to merging with a major rival in 2013, with an old high school friend who now works out of Canada as the company’s chief technology officer.

But Shapiro, a lifelong entrepreneur, didn’t always head up a mobile workforce: his last company, the Singapore-based marketing firm Blue, had traditional brick-and-mortar offices. He recently shared his thoughts on the virtues of working virtually and explained his surprising ascent in the business world, including how a survival job with “The Phantom of the Opera” changed his life.

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