What Will Surprise You About Infant and Toddler Cancers

Cancer doesn’t discriminate — it strikes the old and young…and sometimes, the very, very young. Former Big Brother star Britney Haynes recently revealed that her two-month-old daughter Tilly was diagnosed with cancer, according to published reports.

“Thank you for all of the thoughts, wishes, and prayers for my precious girl. She’s everything to me. #PrayforTilly,” Haynes said in a recent message from her Twitter account.

To commemorate National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we asked children’s oncologist Dr. Maitland DeLand, the author of the children’s book “The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer,” to give us an overview of the disease and how kids and their families can fight it. Check out our Q&A below.

How often are children diagnosed with cancer?

Approximately 13,400 children from birth to age 19 are diagnosed per year, with the incidence of cancer in boys being slightly higher than girls.

Read more on Yahoo.

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